Sarthak Behl's Résumé

The world works the way it works, not the way anyone wants it to.

Most Recent Project: Working with a US Presidential Candidate for developing a detailed marketing campaign.


Co-founder of two multi-national corporations with clients & customers from four continents.


Real estate investor, early-stage backer for several corporations. Always looking for opportunities.


Explorer of cultures, geographies, cuisines, nations and the myriads of ways of life worldwide.

Skills & Specialization


If something is stuck, Sarthak can get it "unstuck."

There is a solution to every problem, and Sarthak is good at finding the most optimum one.

Keen Observer

Sarthak is good at detecting inconsistencies and the minutiae that others may be prone to missing.

Likes to question the presented facts and is unlikely to accept anything at face value.


Able to observe opportunities and openings that may not be obvious.

Sarthak is prone to taking steps when he sees clear indications of opportunity presenting itself.